Accreditation Simplified

Accreditation Simplified

Accreditation Management Solution provides the definitive criteria, assessment and reporting framework for evaluation, shortlisting and approval of guests and applicants for any event or other processes which require application screening.

Our strong methodology and custom solution allows accrediting organizations to use cutting edge technology to meet the business challenges associated with their accreditation process and helps extend all the features one needs to streamline the collection and review the applications.

Key Features

  • Creation of Events and Sub-events, host or send invitation for the events. Outlook for the administrator and different level Approvers to view, sort, approve and organize submissions. Visual dashboard and reports.
  • Special Promotions wherein automated emails can be sent to a segment of guests. Customer Statements can be sent over email to guests.
  • Blind collection of letters of recommendation, Automated workflow (customizable), Multiple application forms. Availability of varied layouts for printing of cards.

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